03. Gouache and watercolour paintings

02. Relief collage and gouache paintings (using koxo paper, nori paste & gouache

06. Monochrome photec and solar plate prints

Quarzt Vien 1 Roscolyn (640x466) replace in A3 p&c (640x437) Fossil at Penmon (640x413) 53 quartz vien holy islandjpg _MG_8835 Growth & Light reduced (2) crete folding rocks (1280x934) _MG_5294

10. Prints from January 2017

Coming soon...

09. Metal reliefs incorporating oxidisation, rusting, & etching

05. A3 Carborundum and photec or solar plate prints

04. A4 Corborundum and solar or photec plate prints

01. Oil paintings on wood (native sustainable woods from Crete & North Wales). These are mainly windfalls.

Staghead Fern

07. Old Gouache and watercolour paintings

Bluebells Coed Cadnant

08. Oil paintings prior 2005